I want to help you become a reseller of IPTV 

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So You Are Ready To Get Started And Become A Reseller Today Then Choose A Package Below To Get Started

With This Service You Will Have Your Own Panel So You Will Be Incontrol Of yoUr Customers 

I can Tech You How To Build Your Business Faster Than Other's Can With free traffic or paid ads with facebook​​​​​​​

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Panel With





Credit Refill


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Credit Refill



Credit Refill


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Download Whatsapp +864-626-1844 To Conact Me 

Credits Work As Following For Your Panel Subs

1 Credit = 1 Month

3 Credits = 3 Months

6 Credits = 6 Months 

12 Credits = 12 Months

Make Your Own Prices This Is Set Up For You To Make The More Profits And Also Set Up To Make 100% Profit You Will Learn How When You Start Your Own Streaming Service With Cable Smashers

The URL is Bit.ly/app011 

When you hit go the app with start downloading Then install and open the app and the you will click on the login 

Name can be whatever you like I just put



Username: 688bb803b0​​​​​​​

Password:  9013229685

Then you uncheck The Vod option and hit next and done after it process the playlist. If it times out just repeat.

The Vod App URL is Bit.ly/tv523

You can use the same login with this app also 

If you beome a reseller you and buy a panel to start I will send you the info to your email if you have not reached out to me on whatsapp.

I will reach out to you after you I revice your payment

Thanks for your time and looking for to working with you

You CAn Try Service HEre With These Detials ​​​​​

You Can Use The Downloader App On Firesticks Or The Internet Browser If You Are Using Something Other Than A Firestick